Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Shape of Things to Come

Good morrow to my readers,

As you may have noticed, I've been a little quiet as of late. Several reasons really...I have been hip-deep in my coursework which is all-consuming and requires my full, undevided attention. For those of you who don't know, I have doing a personal trainer diploma which will probably take me another year to complete and I have to work to pressing deadlines.

Secondly, I have picked up gaming again after purchasing a new NVidia Graphics card for my machine and have discovered the delights of The Witcher.

Thirdly, I normally have "ups and downs" in my social moods. Sometimes I feel gregarious and very social, other times I make up any excuse not to leave the house.

However this will shortly change. Saturday morning I will be flying off to a little place in the Mani region of Greece to spend a well-deserved 2 week vacation. I will be taking time out to do more coursework, visit the local gym, sit in tavernas and eat tzatziki and beef stifado until I explode and swim in the meditterranean. Once I am back, I will be fighting fit and ready to take on whatever is thrown at me.

So here are some images of my latest crafts and photoshoots to tie you down until I return :)

Until then, adieu!


Monday, 26 July 2010

I naow has dreads

From the wonderful Crimson Raine, come my gorgeous blonde and brown dreads, ready for Sonisphere.

Will be showcasing pictures from my epic birthday party soon, including my Steampunk cake!

Will be updating from now on...I promise...ahem!


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Captain's log (oo err!)

Ahem, good evening ladies and gents,

For those of you who have stumbled across my blog, welcome! For those who do not know me, I can barely describe myself in one just keep an eye on my posts and make your own mind up.

In between listening to Emilie Autumn and Abney Park, I've been busy doing canvas paintings for people as Christmas gifts. It's a little more personal (and slightly cheaper) than buying a bottle of smelly perfume no one likes at the risk of it being thrown away, so I thought "why not?".

Also been busy training for next year's Silverstone half marathon as well as learning new moves in my weekly pole dancing class. So this weekend it's off to my pal's pad in Worcester to do a Steamy/Diesel punk photo shoot then Left 4 Dead 2 gaming.

Tally ho and Toodle Pip!

Cpt Nitr0gene